Create your business objective, or let us build it for you.
  • Do-It-Yourself business process solution
  • Do-It-For-Me business process solution
Improve your business objective, or let us do it for you.
  • Modification "on-the-fly" business process without affecting others
  • Flexibility for rapid response to a market
Drive return on investment, or let us do it for you.
  • Analyzing business productivity data for re-engineering
  • Cost cutting by standardizing and consolidating

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Why Choose interSoln?

Who Is interSoln?

Founded in 2001, interSoln is a company that specializing in Workflow Management. We are dedicated in harnessing intelligent software technologies to empower our customers?business processes and enabling their value chain.

All organization exists to create some form of values through one or more business processes which are normally small and unconnected workflow in different applications that don't communicate hence reducing productivities and efficiencies.

It is with these business objectives that interSoln was formed to help organization to be faster, better, cost-effective and accurate in their values chain, from the data acquisition at the front of the values chain to the realization of the products/services at the end of the values chain.

We achieve these by empowering an organization with the abilities to deploy a flexible but yet powerful Workflow that offers a high degree of personalization and extensibility while incorporating and leveraging on both existing IT assets and integrating best-of-breed tools.

By correctly wielding these resources using workflow and business process management, we are able to unshackle an organization's values creation potential by refocusing its human skill base from administrative and mundane labour towards higher value and knowledge-rich work.

At interSoln, we believe with working and integrating with best-of-breed tools and products. But, most of all, we would like to position ourselves as business consultant partner that knows our customers?business processes rather than as technical software people.

What Makes interSoln Unique?

interSoln has a clear vision and aspire to establish ourselves as a value trusted business partners by providing superior customer experience and fast customized tailor services to our customers through our workflow technology (interSoln Workflow)

Our products and services are based on our own interSoln Workflow technology, hence, we are able to harness the benefits of this "on-the-fly" technology to provide our customers the following value propositions.
  • Enables enterprises to respond to change immediately while saving in application development costss
  • Enables enterprises to add business process automation layer on top of their existing applications and/or manual process
  • Provide flexibility for Rapid Response to market
  • Queries and Graphical Analysis
  • Cost cutting by standardizing and consolidating
  • Improve Productivity
Our Mission

Our mission (“the business process people”) is to provide business process optimisation to corporations and businesses using the interSoln workflow management software.

We will develop core strategies to serve different customer segments in the geographical markets that we cover.

We will be a company that will consistently exceed our customers’ expectations by helping them to optimise their
business processes in an efficient manner.

Our goal is to be a world leader in workflow management, delivering best practices that leads to superior company
performance, becoming the trusted partner in business processes.

Think business process, think interSoln.

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